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"The story that Amanda wrote about me for 'Inspired Living' magazine was the best story that's ever been written about me. I'm grateful that my quotes were completely accurate, and that she didn't water down my comments about my faith. And, it brought me a lot of new business!" Rick Thacker, luthier and owner of Plum Grove Music, Lowell, Indiana

"Amanda has done an exemplary job in crafting articles for our award-winning magazine. She has outstanding soft skills in dealing with people, and it has enabled her to bring out interesting content for our magazine because of her interview skills.

She is extremely organized and strategic in her thinking and actions. Her writing skills are absolutely fantastic. Her character and work ethic are outstanding." Rex Richards, president of Greater Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce

"I’ve worked on several projects with Amanda, including an article where she interviewed me as an industry expert for a holiday story. She was able to masterfully expand on the answers I gave, writing in a way that was articulate, informative, and fun to read." Rachel Collins, owner of Rachel Collins Design, Crown Point, Indiana

"When selecting writers for my stories, Amanda is always first on the rotation. Not only is she dependable, professional and never late for a deadline, she also has a unique gift to go beyond the surface with those she interviews and then translate that depth to her writing. As such, her stories are always intriguing to read and have garnered an enthusiastic response from readers. She is a creative and imaginative storyteller, one that doesn't come around often."
Julia Perla Huisman, editor of HERE Magazine

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